The Top 5 Caribbean Festivals

The Caribbean is renowned for its wide selection of busy and colourful festivals and events that take place all year round. Here are the top 5 Caribbean festivals.

Festival of JunkanooHolidaymakers that head over to the Bahamas during Christmas will thoroughly enjoy the Junkanoo festival which is a street parade that is held every Boxing Day and New Years Day. The procession runs from midnight right through to dawn, the people involved in the procession rush round to the sound of cowbells, goat-skin drums, horns and whistles, dressed from head to toe in costumes that have been put together with cardboard and decorated with coloured crepe paper.Furthermore, locals dance in a fiercely contested competition for cash prizes, showing off costumes that have been kept secret until the beginning of the festival.The origins of the festival are uncertain, however most people believe that it started back in the 16th and 17th centuries where slaves were given permission to leave their plantations over Christmas to spend time with their families.Carnival – Trinidad and TobagoThis is one of the most widely anticipated carnivals in the Caribbean. The Trinidad capital of Port of Spain is considered by many to have the most exuberant Carnival in the Caribbean. The preparations for the festival take place months in advance, with street parties and virtually nonstop calypso and soca, a genre of dance music that was started in Trinidad and Tobago. Holidaymakers are very welcome at mas camps and panyards where local troupes put together a fantastic set of floats and costumes, and steel drum brands practice their acts. Carnival only lasts for two days – the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday – however in that short space of times it’s manic! St. Lucia Jazz FestivalSt. Lucia Jazz Festival takes place every May in St. Lucia and is widely recognized as one of the top 5 global jazz festivals. The jazz festival is very special as it covers a number of different varieties of music such as blues, new age jazz, rhythm and blues, eclectic fusion and has a number of local artists playing along with internationally recognised artists. The event originated back in 1992 where it took place at the Pigeon Point National Park.Patron Saints Festival in Puerto RicoEach year in Puerto Rico, each town and village celebrates the town’s patron saint. These festivals take place throughout the year and make some reference to religion through remembering the Catholic saint. The festival usually has a number of different rides, parades, games and foods that are from the region as well as live music and entertainment for both holidaymakers and locals to enjoy.
Antigua Sailing Week
Every year, people interested in yachting head to Antigua for its world renowned sailing week, which usually takes place from April 27th to May 3rd.Even those people that have no idea about yachting can still enjoy the buzz generated by the event whilst on their holidays.Furthermore, the fantastic sights of dozens of pedigree racing yachts competing with their spinnakers up and their Caribbean maps out, the week plays host to a number of different parties and events which take place all over the islandBusiness Management Articles, including the traditional post-racing revelry at Dickenson Bay where thousands of onlookers get the chance to socialise with the sailors late into the night.

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